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Sometimes, people get too busy that they wouldn’t have the time.
It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re forgotten. It all depends on the kind of relationship you have and how you value each other. Time is essential to growth, both when you’re together and when you’re apart. 🙂

MWF Seeking BFF

I get asked this question a lot. Women find themselves in friendships where suddenly they’re doing all the work, and they want to know if, and when, it’s time to give up.

My answer is always the same: It’s different for everyone. I don’t feel comfortable telling one friend to give up on another, and while I have an “I’ll initiate plans 3 times and then I’m done doing all the work” rule for brand new friends, there’s no such easy formula for old pals. Someone who’s been in your life a long time has earned more consideration, and sometimes it’s easier to keep making the phone call or sending the invite than it is to say goodbye.

I have (who hasn’t?) found myself in this pickle before, and it’s really a “you know when it’s time” situation.  Generally, I don’t mind being the one to reach out. I try…

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Cupcake for all. That’s what the poster says. We didn’t know if it’s one of those account specific things but we really were delighted on the day the poster indicated.

30th of May was PRIDE-day of Service.

It rained cupcakes all over the office. Everywhere you go you see happy looking people with cupcakes. For some reason, that was the way I see it. 🙂

I never really liked being offered food from the office, honestly this is the first time I got to enjoy food coming from them. For some reason this one is different. I adored the colors on top of the icing and the pink icing seemed promising. The sight of cupcakes got me all hyped up and excited.

We received our cupcakes during a learning session and I even got to take our facilitator’s cupcake. Fortunately, we know him personally and he does not like sweets. SWEET! 🙂
We took some pictures of the Coaches’ Cupcakes and here they are:

Hi 5?


From an image to reality.
I’m trying to think of how to invent a gadget that does this. 😉

Up High!

Down Low!

All things pink and pretty?

Pink Wink? 😉

The Tough Guy and The Cupcake.

For some reason, we’ve been taking random quizzes on the net today and I came across this website called “The Oatmeal”

I love their quizzes. Although there isn’t much to take, you’d enjoy the interface (you don’t have to click a NEXT button) and the images for each quiz along with the crazy questions and the shocking results.

If you’re not really doing anything at the moment and up for some fun time on the net, give their quizzes a shot, you’ll never know how many tapeworms could live inside you until you do.


How many tapeworms could live in your stomach?

Created by Oatmeal

I used to dream of being a doctor. When I was a kid, I always strive to get good grades in hopes that my folks would send me to a med school. Unfortunately, I came to the realization that this dream will forever remain a dream. I never seemed to regret the thought of never achieving that dream. I’m fine with what I have right now, and I do not aspire to go that way anymore. It somehow scares me.

You know what’s even ironic? I’m scared of going to the doctor now. I am neither sure if this is normal or of I’m just a big fat coward or if this is a disorder. I have no way of knowing, I’m scared to go.

Today I face a huge dilemma that has haunted me for a few days now. I feel ill but I do not wish to see a specialist. I’m afraid to face my fears and I’m freaking out about the illnesses that might get to me one day. The reason why I’m scared? I just do not know.

At the moment, the Hematuria has passed. I do not see any strain of blood anymore aside from menstrual blood, which of course is supposed to be there for time being. Fortunately, I have not eluded the fangs of Dysuria just yet. The last time I had this was back in February. It was awful. Fighting back the urge to scream on top of your lungs while in the restroom. Everytime I go to the restroom, I preempt the pain I will have to go through. It goes away sometime, then it comes back. I have to constantly drink water to keep myself sane. And here I am after a few months, struggling to fight the same urge to scream.

For those who have yet to be in the shoes I wear today, please do your best to prevent it. There are lots of materials over the net that discuss the matter and end of the line for most, if not all, of them is to consult to your specialist. It’s possible that my lifestyle has an effect to the occurrence of this problem in me after all.  Nevertheless, I have yet to discover the reason for this. Apparently if I continue being a coward, I would not be able to know what needs to be done and the cause of such occurrence.



You do not know how proud I am to be your daughter. I always make sure the world knows my mother taught me well. You were never wrong with the things you tell me. The “Mothers are always right” slogan is really working.

You always stood up for me. When I remember those times, I get teary eyed. Forgive me, but apparently the one who tells me to be strong is also my main weakness.

I suppose I haven’t been with you for a while but always remember this, I’m never too far away. Please do not ever hesitate to tell me when you need me. Even if you just miss me. Tell me. As long as I can, I’ll come running back to you. I’ll call you when you’re lonely, I’ll be there for you when you want company. I want to be the one you first tell the story to.

I want to be your little girl as I have always been, it’s just that now I am no longer little.

I caused you a lot of pain when I left, but all you wish for me is my happiness. When I told you I will move out you just nod and made me feel that you understand very well and you know it’s what’ll me happy. You even made me feel secure, never misjudged. You never made me feel like I did anything wrong. You always want me to be happy, and that’s all. No apprehensions, no side comments, no questions asked.

These times had been hard. You were as tough as you could ever be. You never really said anything. If it were another mom, she would have been ranting. You show the courage a mom should always have. You stand tall despite the gnawing storms. Even when it’s unbearable, you never backed down. All of these for us. To simply put it, you are the BEST.

Above all, I am always and forever grateful to the Lord that He picked us to be the lucky kids you would have. Just knowing I am your little girl is enough.

I love you, Mama.


I’m not sure why I’m doing this. Probably because I’m bored and I really need an outlet for my creative juice. With all due respect I want to commend the makers of the application (or whatever it is) that I installed recently to my Google Chrome browser. Writer ( Wr| ) is pretty cute, and enough for me to keep writing. Says it saves the stuff you write and all, has the option to make it a PDF file, save it or send it to e-mail or blog. Neat, huh? It also has word count. All you gotta do to download is hit the Chrome Web Store on your Google Chrome browser and search for “writer.” Anyhow, let’s see how I’ll find this app. I’ll write a review in say, a week or so. 🙂

Here’s a screen shot of the options at the bottom of the app’s interface. 🙂