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Posted: July 4, 2012 in Repost

Sometimes, people get too busy that they wouldn’t have the time.
It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re forgotten. It all depends on the kind of relationship you have and how you value each other. Time is essential to growth, both when you’re together and when you’re apart. 🙂

MWF Seeking BFF

I get asked this question a lot. Women find themselves in friendships where suddenly they’re doing all the work, and they want to know if, and when, it’s time to give up.

My answer is always the same: It’s different for everyone. I don’t feel comfortable telling one friend to give up on another, and while I have an “I’ll initiate plans 3 times and then I’m done doing all the work” rule for brand new friends, there’s no such easy formula for old pals. Someone who’s been in your life a long time has earned more consideration, and sometimes it’s easier to keep making the phone call or sending the invite than it is to say goodbye.

I have (who hasn’t?) found myself in this pickle before, and it’s really a “you know when it’s time” situation.  Generally, I don’t mind being the one to reach out. I try…

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