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You do not know how proud I am to be your daughter. I always make sure the world knows my mother taught me well. You were never wrong with the things you tell me. The “Mothers are always right” slogan is really working.

You always stood up for me. When I remember those times, I get teary eyed. Forgive me, but apparently the one who tells me to be strong is also my main weakness.

I suppose I haven’t been with you for a while but always remember this, I’m never too far away. Please do not ever hesitate to tell me when you need me. Even if you just miss me. Tell me. As long as I can, I’ll come running back to you. I’ll call you when you’re lonely, I’ll be there for you when you want company. I want to be the one you first tell the story to.

I want to be your little girl as I have always been, it’s just that now I am no longer little.

I caused you a lot of pain when I left, but all you wish for me is my happiness. When I told you I will move out you just nod and made me feel that you understand very well and you know it’s what’ll me happy. You even made me feel secure, never misjudged. You never made me feel like I did anything wrong. You always want me to be happy, and that’s all. No apprehensions, no side comments, no questions asked.

These times had been hard. You were as tough as you could ever be. You never really said anything. If it were another mom, she would have been ranting. You show the courage a mom should always have. You stand tall despite the gnawing storms. Even when it’s unbearable, you never backed down. All of these for us. To simply put it, you are the BEST.

Above all, I am always and forever grateful to the Lord that He picked us to be the lucky kids you would have. Just knowing I am your little girl is enough.

I love you, Mama.